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350.00 SEK = 37 EUR = 28 GBP = 45 USD (2014 12 19)


Nylon fabric Neoprene adapts to different head shapes for high comfort. Most of the weight is distributed at the forehead which may handle more weight over longer time that nose or cheeks. It´s also washable.

Soft peripheral edges allows for comfortable use with Glasses.


The material that folds into a housing is well known for strong and long lasting hinge effect.

Plano convex lenses

Larger lenses allows for a wide range of Interpupillary distance (IPD). Center of lenses is 62 mm,  a median number for IPD.

30 mm diameter plano convex lenses leads to low aberration, also gives better focus at the edges of the image.


Holds smartphones with outer dimensions up to 170×90 mm

Foldable to 150x150x40 mm


This is our way to make a insanely cheap interaction device that almost everyone has the access to. Just print our marker, glue it to a cardboard / hard paper and fold it into a Ingot. The camera on your smartphone recognize the pattern and different virtual objects could be attached to interact with menus and select options. Why not create a casual Pong game?

Apps need to support Ingot for this to work.

A Unity3D Scene is available here to explore

#viewbox in comparison to Google Cardboard (which is neat)

  • Viewbox have bigger lenses, (greater FOV)
  • Is foldable
  • More comfortable
  • Lasts longer
  • Is washable
  • Has a head strap
  • Does not touch the nose
  • Works with bigger phones
  • Is prettier (?)
  • Is usable more than 5-10 minutes (fatigue in arms and nose)
  • Designed to be used comfortable with eyeglasses underneath. No need to adjust lenses, you or a friend may try this out by looking through a magnifying glass with and without eyeglasses. So far only Viewbox has this feature that is solved with soft peripheral edges.
  • Google Cardboard is stamped out in machines in a very high rate. -lowers the costs. The neoprene will be laser cut, a slower process and more expensive.
  • Custom lenses is not cheap to start producing. 🙂
  • Cardboard is way cheaper than neoprene.

We love what Google made with cardboard, the App is great!

A few VR apps

#kickstarter staff pick!

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Risks and challenges

Viewbox is designed from the ground up to be easy and low cost to produce

Every part except lenses will be laser cut or stamped out dependent on the volume. There is no need for any expensive Injection molding tools which lowers the challenges.
This allows us to make fewer Viewboxes at a lower price per unit. Also the assembly will be easy and low cost with only four parts: Neoprene, Polypropene, lenses and Velcro.
We will look into ultrasonic welding to make sure the parts stick together really well.
Shortly: There is very few risks in production.

We have spent a long time calculating manufacturing costs and plowed through a lot of quotes to make sure we are able to deliver at current prices.

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